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We believe in Arkansas families, and we believe in providing them with affordable professional photography. One
of the major ways we do this is with affordable school day and sports packages. In this way, families have access
to a means of using professional photography to document the many changes that take place each year of their
child's life. We keep these prices at a certain level so that quality professional photos can be enjoyed by
everyone, regardless of income.

If your school is currently using a national chain for their school day photos, beware that the hard working families in your
community will be paying two to three times as much for their photos. The money they pay will not go to support our economy in
Arkansas. It will go out of state. Many of the corporate school photography companies use camera operators instead of
professional photographers. Also if for any reason you need to call them, you may be calling a tollfree nationwide number with
an automated answering system. Getting to speak to
a real person may be nearly impossible!

On the other hand, when you use BW's Studio for your school photography, the families in your community get hometown
customer service and quality professional photos that are within everyone's budget. Money spent with us goes back into the
community. You also get professional photographers with decades of experience. Plus, when you call our studio during regular
business hours, you get to speak to a real person close by who is ready to do all they can to help.
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